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Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello! My name is Rebecca Hilton. I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 19 years, largely in areas of Human Resources. In my many years of experience in recruitment and hiring, I have recognized the key significance in choosing employees who share the same vision and values of the corporation I am committed to. Because of my commitment to see mutually beneficial partnerships, I have dedicated myself to creating training programs that have equipped and empowered teams for success.

My core motivation is to make a difference—not just in the corporate arena but also in individual lives. I aim to do this by inspiring potential and strengthening emotional competencies. This motivation has led me to become a VAR through Taylor Protocols, Inc. My goal is to help reveal the innate “real,” unchanging nature of a person, which allows them to see who they truly are. Through coaching, I assist in developing people to become top performing leaders.

 In addition, I currently serve on the Board of Trustees for a local non-profit organization and have had the honor to serve on the board of advisors for the International Training Center: School of Emerging Leaders. I am also excited to be partnering with the Voice of Justice Foundation to be a “voice of hope and a hand of rescue for those who have no voice.”

"Show me who I am and I will do something meaningful with my life." ~ Lynn Ellsworth taylor





Take the most accurate human assessment available.
It’s a revolutionary assessment created by Taylor Protocols Inc. that bypasses personality and behavior revealing your unchanging motivational drivers and sense for how you are wired to contribute to the world around you.

Discover your innate core values, your wired-in Human Operating System™, your six types of contributions, your negative conflict strategies, your deepest fears with 97.7% repeat score reliability so it is stable data that is diagnostic and prescribes change. Begin your discovery of Core Values Consciousness, a new pathway to personal excellence and happiness.

This assessment is one of the simplest, most versatile tools you can find for improving an individual’s self awareness and awareness of others. If you are an employee, business owner or someone who wants to learn more about your core values, then the next few minutes could positively affect you, your friends and coworkers for years to come.

Spend less than ten minutes and discover in your profile report:
What causes you to conflict with others.
What values you base a majority of your decisions on.
Why you make the same mistakes over and over.
How you can improve your relationships with others.


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Certificate of Proficiency - Behavioral Analysis through Institute of Motivational Living

Core Values Index™ Certified Coach

Member of the Taylor Protocols "Value-Added Relationships" (VAR) Program